“Every experience of our life contains the mystery of our whole existence. It is the crystallisation, a condensation of past and future of what we have been and what we can become.”

M. Matthews

Biographical Counselling enables people experiencing a life crisis to come to some resolution and understanding. Through entering into a dialogue with your personal story, exploring the interweaving of past, present and future you will discover your life themes and tasks. This work will help you find renewed strength, meaning and creativity.

Biographical Counselling offers a new perspective on the challenges encountered today, through acknowledging body, soul and spiritual existence. Working creatively with your individual challenges and biography can give an opportunity for new perspective and personal development. It can awaken new interest in your life story and the stories of others.

I provide a safe and supportive space in which you can truly be listened to without judgement or prejudice. I work using a variety of activities depending on your individual needs; this may include drawing, creative writing or observational exercises.

We will start with an initial assessment in which we will look at your story and begin to establish a working relationship. I would recommend that we meet on a weekly basis for one hour for a period of 7 weeks. Towards the end of this time we will review the process and decide how to continue.

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